Become a metahuman thanks to Bit.Country

Hi everyone, my story will be about an interesting Bit.Country project with a responsible approach to business.
A bit about the project: BitCountry is based in New Zealand and is developing an open protocol network to manage and stimulate communities through gamification, where users can create their own blocks, sections and elements in the form of digital assets (NFT).

The team, inspired by decentralization, began its activities in 2018, and after studying the Polkadot blockchain, they realized that this was what would help them realize their ideas and launched on Polkadot. To form a professional team, the project organized a training academy — Metaverse Career Academy, which was launched together with the global technical educator Industry Connect. In my opinion, the project looks far into the future and has prepared a serious foundation for this.

So, a little bit of specifics: each bit country has a local social token backed by its own $ NUUM token, a local marketplace, and a local DAO that governs the community and makes decisions on issues such as asset delivery. The metaverse is near …
This is how the list of investors and partners looks like, impressive, isn’t it?

In July 2021, the website was launched, and the team is constantly adding new people. Early adopters of the testnet were rewarded with unique NFTs and other prizes. The project is developing rapidly and who knows where it will be in a year? Perhaps every second person on Earth will already become a metahuman?

Stay tuned. I wish you all success.