Go to the moon? No. Only to Jupiter.

In this article I share my opinion on the interesting platform Jupiter.
Recently, users who trade on DEX are unhappy with the quality of services, as well as the commission on the ETH blockchain. As a consequence there is a development of other ecosystems, including Solana. There are great projects like Jupiter. I already tried their platform and I can say that everything works perfectly. Their twitter says: “The best swap aggregator on Solana.” and I totally agree.
It has more than 100 pairs to trade, easy and intuitive interface and low fees.

The team is working every day, and here are their plans for the near future:
1/ Best rates discovery and split txns
2/ Best in class UX for user-friendliness
3/ Seamless integration with any website
4/ Fun API that takes the pain and issues out of swaps

The trading volume 24H is more than $36 million.

Mainnet is already running and everything works great, so I recommend giving this a try. I’m sure you’ll love it! Go to the Jupiter.




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