Holograph. The new omnichain NFT interoperability infrastructure

In 2021, Bitcoin began to rise in value very rapidly. The crypto industry is constantly evolving, but after the events of Bitcoin’s strong growth, it received a lot of attention. Over time, new projects and vectors of development began to emerge, the world began to get more deeply involved in the crypto space and a concept like NFT (non-fungible token) emerged.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data on a digital ledger called a blockchain, where each NFT can represent a unique digital item, and thus they are not interchangeable. NFTs can represent digital files such as art, audio, videos, items in video games and other forms of creative work. While the digital files themselves are infinitely reproducible, the NFTs representing them are tracked on their underlying blockchains and provide buyers with proof of ownership.

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to create an NFT? What skills should you have? How long can it take? In fact, you can create an NFT right now. I want to tell you about a project like Holograph, with which you can do it quickly and easily. And more!


Now even a novice can create his NFT. Holograph unleashes your creativity by giving you the tools to churn out flawless NFTs. A no-code, the platform is intuitive and easy to use.

However, there is another difficulty that a collection maker or any trader may encounter. With the emergence of many marketplaces, wallets, and venues for different collections in different blockchains, the problem of NFTs interacting with each other arises. This raises a lot of questions and doubts. Holograph offers a unique solution that will simplify some aspects: it unlocks liquidity for traders by enabling NFTs to transfer seamlessly across networks. The creators are developing an omnichain bridge enabling NFTs to move between EVM blockchains with complete data integrity. It’s convenient to have everything in one place, isn’t it?

And most of NFTs have no useful use cases or none at all. Right now the main use cases are private chat access, DAO voting or project token airdrops. Holograph unlocks new use cases by providing tools for developers to create new product experiences. NFTs without boundaries.


CXIP Labs, a protocol for minting or producing NFT, raised $6.5 million in a seed round to launch Holograph, a suite of products targeted at NFT creators and enterprises.
The round was led by Courtside Ventures and Wave Financial.


I think Holograph will open doors for new users to the world of crypto and NFT, as well as improve the quality of the whole NFT space. In the meantime, we look forward to the new tools and start building our collections (Guide is here).

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