Tally Ho— your way to monetary freedom

The product launch is planned soon, so I hasten to remind the main advantages and answer the main question — why not Metamask?

1. As mentioned above, Tally is open source, which means that any user can study it to decide if it is safe to use (a little hint: yes). Metamask doesn’t allow you to look at their code, even though the team originally held different values.
How can a community truly own a wallet if all the code is owned by someone else?
2. Metamask collects a huge amount of money for swaps, but most of it is not spent on improving the product. Tally on the other hand offers a different way of management, DAO, all revenue from commissions is expected to go directly to users or to product improvement and ecosystem development — all these ways of development depend directly on the community!
3. Metamask can block users, citing country of residence, questionable transactions or anything else. Wonderful decentralization, isn’t it? Tally is created with the exact opposite goal in mind — ANY user is the owner of their wallet. That’s what decentralization means!
4. Community. Think about this: if a product is created for the community on fair terms, considering its opinion and giving it a voice, how does the community respond? My answer is this: the community will respond with the same values! This means a fair relationship and long-term development that will improve each other. Be a part of it! Tally Ho to GO!

You can join to Github and Discord.




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